Need some last minute Holiday Decorations?

Or keep the kids busy?

December 19, 2018

As we get closer to the Holidays sometimes we get swept up in the chaos of the season. We forget to put up the holiday decorations, or maybe we have company coming over but have nothing to keep the little ones busy. SacChristmas.com not only wants to help provide the playlist to your Holidays but we hope to make your gatherings a little more special. Here are a few downloadable Tree Ornaments, Coloring pages, and Step by Step instructions on making paper snowflakes to add a little cheer to your home and provide the kids out on winter break with something to do.

 For COLORING PAGES click> 1 OR 2


How To Make Paper Snowflakes:

First fold a piece of paper into a triangle. Continue to fold in triangles. The smaller the triangle, the more intricate the design.

© Oksana Slepko | Dreamstime

Draw a design.



© Oksana Slepko | Dreamstime

Cut out your design.



© Oksana Slepko | Dreamstime

Unfold once to continue cutting intricate designs.



© Oksana Slepko | Dreamstime

Once you're done cutting




© Oksana Slepko | Dreamstime

Now you've got you're Snowflake!